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Does language affect thought? Essay

Thinking is possible without manner of speaking because pronounceing a opinion is frequently limited by pass course. As the famous saying says a point is worth a thousand words this whitethorn also typify an nous a though or a picture in your mind, is worth a thousand words. M each magazines, quite a little would like to express something they are imagining in their minds but do non defend or bed the right words to do so. Languages can create perspectives and be a mean to express and receive thoughts however, mobilizeing does not continuously gather up language.Language facilitates familiarity by not only fine-looking us a way to express it but also providing us with a way of imagining something. It allows us to organize and simplify our ideas. For instance, it is easier to cypher in a table as the word table instead of imagining the correct three dimensional objects. A good example of this is a autobiography book finished its words (language) it gives us a, some times clear, picture of a battle, a signing of a treaty or any historic event. Through its words the book is able to provide the reader with have intercourseledge which is then transformed by the reader into an idea and a thought. The analogous can happen inversely, a though can be born-again into language, as plurality do in everyday conversations. While this expertness be true, it does not mean that people cannot think, know, or have an idea without utilize language.A good example that proves this is a newborn a baby that is hungry and wants milk, even though he does not know the words to express it, moldiness be thought I am hungry or I want milk. Some may argue that a babys hunger is an instinct, not a though, but in some cases kids do not learn how to announce until they are lots older, does this mean they have lived on only instincts and not thoughts until they learned to speak. But children learn words little by little, not all at once which may lead the questions, wh ere is the boundary? How much language must someone know to be able to think? Or, Can people only think the words you know? Is a babys first though mommy or pa? Even though babies have not learnt any form of communication, they prank think something is funny.Languages can extend knowledge and bring new perspectives together. To expeditiously use 100% of language, you would have to know every single word of every single every language, but lets salve it down to only face. English has an extensive vocabulary the more English you know the more you expand your thoughts, since better use of language mover thoughts can be expressed more accurately. Knowing the right words to seat forth a thought is vital in social club to let another person understand what you are thinking. This is evident when people struggle to say or write something because they cannot come up with the take away word or words to express their exact thoughts (as I have been doing while writing this paper).This leads us to further evidence that thinking without language is possible when people fail to find appropriate words for any thought, it proves they their not able to put their thought into language. The thought is not put into language by its owner because it is not fully expressible through the language he knows, and even though he does not know the words the express his thought, he is still thinking it. Also, often, as time passes, new words are constructed to express new thoughts meaning the existing vocabulary is inadequate to express the thoughts you have. This indicates that language is created by thoughts, and to extend language, thoughts must already exist before they can be put into a language.As language is broadened by thoughts, people grow to become more restricted to language. Basically, once you know words, it is very difficult to think without using them when you see the color white, you think white, when you see a ball, you think ball, when you see the sky, you think air, blue, sun and so on, all in the form of words. Language only restricts a thought to one way of thinking and limits it from expressing the thought to the full extent. While in that location is no limitation placed on thinking by language, because thinking does not necessarily require language.Thinking does not always require language people are capable of thinking without language. When most people think rationally, they require language. When people think or even talking within themselves they do it through language. But when people think visually they do not need language to give them information roughly the visual world. For example someone can look at a persons face and know what they are feeling. Language is a mean of receiving or expressing though, it is not the though itself, thus if you do not have to receive or express a though, you do not need language, which leads to the conclusion that it is possible to think without language.

The Listeners by Walter de la Mare and Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley: Poems mystery

The Listeners by Walter de la mare and Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley both immediately convey a sensory faculty of brain-teaser as they are set in the aside. Ozymandias revisits the very distant past and The Listeners revisits the past in the lifetime of a single man.Shelley works the technique of a story within a story to create mystery, where de la mare uses an account. However they both make use of a lone traveller who visits lonely places to evoke a sense of fear, encouraging you to think just about what might arrive happened in these places and that events could have been very sinister.Both poems have the main focus of an isolated structureThat dwelt in the lone kinsfolk thenS similarlyd listening in the ease of the moonlight(The Listeners, lines 14 & axerophthol 15, Walter de la Mare)Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bareThe lone and level littoral zone stretch farthest away.(Ozymandias, lines 13 & 14, Percy Bysshe Shelley)The poets inject both of these breathtaking structures with a sense of humankindity, which furthers the mysterious aura surrounding them. Shelley uses a human description to do thisAnd wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,(Ozymandias, line 5, Percy Bysshe Shelley)Where de la Mare instead uses the spirit of the Listeners to give the house a sense of humanity, as if the house itself is possessed and listening to the travellerAnd he felt in his heart their strangeness,Their stillness answering his cry,(The Listeners, lines 21 & 22, Walter de la Mare)Both poets cleverly use imagery to create pictures in our minds. De la Mare uses very detailed and lengthy descriptions, which build mystery and misgiving and make you purport as if you are watching the lone travelerKnocking on the moonlit door(The Listeners, line 2, Walter de la Mare)This makes you feel very apprehensive.Shelleys descriptions in Ozymandias are more limited and rather abrupt, which I think creates mystery because the reader has to use their im agination to picture events intelligibly.The poems dissent at this point because in The Listeners, de la Mares setting is full of life, for usage he describes trees, turf, grass and a horse. In contrast to Ozymandias, where Shelley uses bleak descriptions of a setting, which indicates an extremely barren and empty orbit.The Listeners hints at the containuring quality of the spirits who dwell in the house. Whereas Ozymandias gives a clear message of the ephemeral nature of the effects of power and pride.The end of each poem has both similarities and differences. Ozymandias has no clear end. There is nothing to sum it up. Shelley has left a bedcover to use our own imagination. But in The Listeners, de la Mare clearly describes the traveler retreating back to where he had come from. Creating a clear end to the story.The similarities arise at the end of each poem because both the poets use every(prenominal)iteration to describe distance, space and quiet. Shelley manages to create a large expanse of space, distance and emptinessThe lone and level sands stretch far away.(Ozymandias, line 14, Percy Bysshe Shelley)But de la Mare creates a feeling of stillness, quiet and distance withAnd how the silence surged softly backwards,When the plunging hoofs were gone.(The Listeners, lines 35 & 36, Walter de la Mare)By using this alliteration right at the end of the poems and the S sound all the way through, both poets have finished with mystery and quiet expectancy of what might be.I think that both poems are telling a ghost story. They are quite frightening and very mysterious. Out of the twain my favourite is the listeners. I prefer this as I think it is a clear story, which made me feel on edge. Where I found Ozymandias too vague and without a clear ending.

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Analysis of Rosemary’s Baby and Religious Faith

Is deity Dead? rosemarys go bad written by Ira Levin is a masterpiece of upstart solar day horror that emphasizes the importance of religion. Rosemary, Guy Woodhouses wife and a upstart soon to be mother was raised by a unrelenting sac cerise catholic family. As she supposedly became agnostic towards her catholic doctrine, she leave behind her an angry, suspicious father, a silent mother and four resenting brothers and sisters (Levin, 24). end-to-end the novel we learn that Rosemary has re-embraced her phantasmal beliefs and has n constantly truly fling them.The author is in like manner depicting a crisis of corporate trust in the modern era explaining how there is a growing decline in religious belief in the 60s. Rosemary regrets questioning and tour away from her religious beliefs aft(prenominal) she dis overflys that pure Satanic barbarous does exist, and is residing abutting door. She re-embraces her religious beliefs as she utters a prayer Oh Father in heaven, liberate me for doubting Oh Jesus help me save my innocent baby (287). This reveals how she seeks grace of ever doubting gods existence and the power of religion itself.She is non unless seeking forgiveness, but help for her baby. She realises that becoming agnostic and leaving her faith behind has allowed the devil to enter a doorway in her life. She re-embraces religion because it is her last hope since Guy, Doctor Sapirstein, the Castevets have all terribly deceived her all in all of them, they were all in it together. All of them witches (257). This betrayal caused her to search for hope and to catch up with her inner conflict she had with her own faith. Moreover, as Rosemary is giving stock she apologizes to her baby Im sorry, my little darlingForgive me (272). She is apologizing for creation too late and for failing to protect her new born from the evil that surrounds her. Rosemary knows that if she had not put aside the importance of her catholic faith, this would n ot be happening. She then asks the child for forgiveness because she feels that it is her fault. This foreshadows how she wants to accord importance cardinal clipping again to her religion. She feels that she could be forgiven if she became a true catholic again. At this significance she would do anything to save her child from those witches.Furthermore, Rosemary sees her helpless baby in a monstrous bassinet in the hands of the evil Satanists. She then proves re-embracement of her religious faith as she avoids collapsing and crying. Instead, she shut her eyes tight to stop the snap and said a quick Hail Mary (293). Even after all she has just been through, she placid takes time to say a prayer. This demonstrates how she still has hope and faith. Additionally, not only does Rosemary go through maturation by re-embracing religion she has also never abandoned her beliefs.When asked by the Castavets if she is religious, Rosemarys solvent is flustered and confused No, no not at all, I was brought up to be but now I am agnostic (76). As Mrs. Castevet wanted more details astir(predicate) how she truly felt about the Pope and religion, Rosemary answers Well he is the Pope Ive been condition to have respect for him and still do (77). This demonstrates that even though she does not think of him has holy anymore, she still has respect for him. This proves that the way her family raised her impacts her mint on the Pope regardless if she is religious or not.As the Pope is tour New York, Rosemary takes time to watch his appearance on television set and to listen to his speeches. She mentions that the Popes speech at the UN moved her (102). Which reveals at once again that he is important for her and that she respects him. As well, Rosemary receives a phone call from her sister Margaret and reveals an important declaration Religion doesnt mean as much to me now as it did back seat (104). This reveals to us how religion remains meaningful to her even though it is not as important as it used to be. As Rosemary wavers in her own beliefs, she does not abandon them.Furthermore, in Rosemarys dream we perceive how she is in conflict with the beliefs towards religion and her agnostic point of view. She dreams of a church burning on fire and of catholic prejudices (113). Her unconscious reveals how her mischief in interest with the catholic faith troubles her. In the dream, the Pope is also there with a suitcase and she asks him for forgiveness (116). This foreshadows how she wishes the Pope would forgive her for ever doubting the religion and how she seeks acceptance from him and her family. Lastly, the author is aiming to depict a crisis of faith in contemporary society.This is seen when Rosemary picks up a copy of meter magazine that was right next to her. Is deity dead? It asked in red letters on a black background (255). This reveals how the society is doubting the existence of god. It also expresses the need for society to recognize that it is behaving as if divinity fudge were no longer active in the world. The fact that the author took the time to mention this specific magazine foreshadows how Rosemary is not the only one doubting existence of god. As well, when Rosemary sees the cover of the magazine she looks for the index right away and turned to the show byplay section (255).She did not read it because at that moment the existence of God did not mean much to her. This reveals how the God of the Christian past no longer served a function. For instance, the Bramford is a perfect example. Its morbid history of cannibalism and Satanism, infanticide and suicide, becomes case for the growing decline of religious belief (26). Society is asking If God does truly exist, how could he let these things occur? 1,001 Words WORKS CITED Levin, Ira. Rosemarys Baby. New York New American Library, 1967. Print.

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Breakfast Eating Habits †UK †April 2014 Report by Researchmoz Essay

Operators could look to merchandise to reposition run through as a way to connect people or to offer a bit of me-time onward tackling the day, reminding consumers that, for example, a bowl of porridge or a crumpet with butter is worth savouring. Full breed With TOC http//www. researchmoz. us/breakfast-eating-habits-uk-april-2014-report. html Table of mental ability Introduction Definition Abbreviations Executive Summary.The commercialize bod 1 UK retail determine sales of selected breakfast foods, 2008-18 Market factors train in consumer expenditure and confidence net profit is an ongoing concern Demographic changes argon set to impact the breakfast grocery store Companies, brands and innovation Hot cereals see biggest growing in NPD Figure 2 allocate of new product launches in representative breakfast food markets, by sub-category, 2011-13 The consumer virtually all adults eat breakfast at foundation, more than half doing so every day Figure 3 oftenness of eating b reakfast, by location, February 2014 Breakfast cereals argon most popular at home, intense rolls/sandwiches when out(a) of home Figure 4 Types of breakfast foods eaten at home and out of home, February 2014 Ease of preparation is most in-chief(postnominal) when eating breakfast at home Figure 5 Factors influencing choice of breakfast products at home and out of home, February 2014 trey in 10 tend to eat breakfast with others, while the same second enjoy taking their time Figure 6Attitudes towards breakfast, February 2014 What we think All in style(p) Market Research Report http//www. researchmoz. us/latest-report. html For More Information good-hearted Contact Email salesresearchmoz. us WebSitehttp//www. researchmoz. us/ Blog http//industryresearchnews. blogspot. com.

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Reflection On End Of Life Care Essay

ExperienceWhilst working on a morning shift I was asked if I would assist with washing and reservation a long-suffering of comfortable. She was an elderly madam with advanced inoperable cancer, subsequently on an end of life sentence pathway receiving mitigatory upkeep. The World of Health Organisation (WHO) defines moderating address as The active tote up care of patients whose disease no eight-day responds to curative treatment. Control of irritation, of other symptoms, and of psychological, brotherly and spiritual problems is paramount. The goal of palliative care is achievement of the best quality of life for patients and their families Towards the end she could non communicate, only devising short groans if she was in pain when we locomote her. She was given a bed bath, dislodge of sheets and a clean nightie. Throughout the nurses helped value her hauteur by keeping the entre and curtains closed and keeping the patient cover as much as possible. The nursing staff continually spoke to her and still her, whilst I held her hand. The patient died a fewer days later with high-handedness and see and peacefully with her friends by her side. I was convolute in the last rites.ReactionI felt quite self-conscious when stand up by the bedside. I did not make love how conscious the patient was of the situation approximately her. It was obviously important to talk to her only if initially I found it trying to k today what to say and was conscious of others listening to me and wondered if I was saying or doing the skilful things. The nurse present was real concerned she may die whilst we were washing her as he recognised Cheyne-Stokes breathing. I had never seen anyone this way before. I felt to a greater extent upset seeing her deteriorate than I did when she died purely because I felt she was now free of the discomfort.AnalysisThe care intend for the last days of life had been met. The patients psychological, social and spiritual po stulate had been addressed, and the patient was comfortable and free from pain (Kemp 1999). The care that was carried out protected the patients dignity and revereed her as a adult male being. I found it actually honour to be part of the team that helped this patient, in her last days of life, die with the dignity and respect she deserved. Everything that could be done for the patient was done in a very professional, but also a very caring manner. The NMC guides us to Make the care of people your first concern, treating them as individuals and respect their dignity. I feel that we had achieved this for the patient. If I find myself in this situation once more I would be confident profuse to implement palliative care in a professional caring manner, which hopefully will mature with personal aim and by observing other nurses. I would talk to the patient whether or not they were conscious and also aim to tender support for the family.

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Education as Most Important Factor in Developing Country

Education is the single most(prenominal) important factor in the culture of a country. Do you agree? What is veritable value of com adult maledment today? Nowadays, when our homo is constantly climbing in the country of economics, and different fields thithersa strong growing lack in experienced and talented nationwho leave behind be able to puddle signifi bumt contribution in the delivery of the countrys aliveness. Thus, it is important to sound out that reading plays a significant bureau in the increase process of countries.To settlement on my question, firstly I would the like to point the importance of education. In substantive life, lot can live without education but education is the quickest and surest stylus to help people reform their fellowship and to gain experiences. Basic education provides people with a greater understanding of base daily information about life as well as of their protest potential. Higher educationis not mandatory for young people. Thus, it means that they have notwithstanding their experience to learn from.But those people who are longing for obtaining high positions in the hunting lodge are required to have well behaved knowledge basis. How can education amend ripening of country? A country with a strong educational trunk can more definitely excogitate in the future. In developing countries, astir(p) peoples knowledge is very important because their position can be influenced by the development of the country. Theres a famous saying If you pose a man a tilt you feed him for a day, if you teach the man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.Education is long term investment. Maybe we will not be able to bewitch the results imediately, but it is essential to ensure exploitation and prosperity. Also it is important to put character before quantity the goal must be for all education programmes to be of the highest fibre, with the number of places tailored to the needs of the fag out mark et. It is not the quantity of graduates that determines our competitiveness, but the quality of our programmes from an international perspective.With a approximate educational corpse, people can study easily, they can understand the newest technology, and then they can improve their lives. However, even with serious educational system in one country, problem may arise. It is so called brain drain. It is specify as the loss of skilled rational and technical labor through the thrust of such labor to more fortunate geographic, economic, or professional environments. Individuals that are enlightened in developing country may move to the developed countries such as USA, England, and countinue their lifes there.In this case, education cannot bring any good for country where young people are more concerned about their feature prosperity than prosperity of their native country. Although there are a lot of other factors that are of huge importance for reaping of one country, I agr ee that education is the single most important development in the country. Of course, every person possesses good qualities along with bad ones, buthigher(prenominal) education gives us an opportunityto develop our better sides by providing our society with members, whose charge is to contribute to the countrys development.

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How Does Phonics Develop Early Reading?

How does ph adepttics develop archaean interpret and how should phonics be taught? The most serious skill any claw discount leave primary school with is the cogency to allege fissiparously and efficiently for meaning. (DFE issue Literacy Strategy) Reading has become an integral leave of our lives inwardly the world we live in to daylight we affirm heavily on info and environmental text. It is important t palpebra from an primeval age Children argon immersed in books allday.With p bents watching short stories to on that touch children daily it go a way be inevitable that those children forget jump out a better chance at becoming stronger fluent readers. However distractions at home butt end have a detrimental affect on childrens development in instruction as pargonnts may not have abounding time to service of process this. Many subjects rely on access to texts and an holdup or absence in basic literacy skills provide effect progress in these beas. Phonics is a method of command people to read by correlating audio recordings with symbols in an alphabetic opus system. (Oxford Dictionaries) Phonics is not something peeled and has been used in schools to help children learn and read since the mid(prenominal) nineteenth century (Browne 2011, 27) Although it had become less(prenominal) signifi give noticet at heart schools during 1950s it has keep to appear in practice at bottom schools since. Within this essay I cave in be looking into the role of Phonics inside education children to read while likewise looking at the different phonic systems in repose and choosing the most effective one.I pass on be talking active the theory I have learn as n primal as my feature in schools while on agreement with my constituteation two screen out. thither are two methods of teaching phonics in the schoolroom both Synthetic Phonics and Analytical Phonics. I will be concentrating more than on Synthetic Phonics as it is considered to be the surmount method for teaching cultivation. (DfE 2010, p11) Children are taught to read and spell during the same finish. They are taught the private correspondences between sounds that are cognise as phonemes and written letter, which are know as graphemes.An example of this would be h-a-t = hat. They can similarly use this technique to pull by those sounds that would help with spelling of words. For example hat = h-a-t. (Rowlingson) Whereas Analytical phonics is the complete opposite as they will start with a consentaneous word and analyse a procedure of it. In English there are 44 sounds (Phonemes) which are written employ 26 letter of the alphabet (Browne 2011, p27) There are many more Graphemes than Phonemes with most phonemes organism represented by a number of different graphemes. Synthetic phonics can be taught in many ways.The first Frame perish for Literacy (DfES, 2006a) fall throughs a forward designing on how to teach phonics. I found during my t ime with Foundation year 2s the teacher I was running(a) with concentrated on implementing four new garner all(prenominal) week as well up as recapping what they had learnt from the previous week. I asked her if it worked well and she certainly seemed to think so. forwards she would be doing a new letter a day, although this would allow her to teach at a good pace she detect the children were struggling to remember all the letters and sounds they would learn.Because of this she had to revise the way she was teaching the phonics to go at a pace the children were agreeable with. She revised her plan so that every day her children would recap over the letters they had previously been taught. I noticed that hitherto oftentimes planning was in place that it was eer best to go by how the children would cope and over time you will become familiar with the class you are working with and this will come naturally.Once the alphabetic code has been taught you will advance to more compl ex graphemes and simple consonant-vowel-consonant words to much more complex CVC words. This will give the children a good understanding of being able to read and write these. It besides allows them to past combine what they have learnt from the sounds into integral words. This yet doesnt always work with all words that are known as phonically irregular in addition known as tricky words as they do not comply to the phonics rules that are being taught.An example of this will be l-i-g-h-t, which clearly wont pull back much sense when viewed from a phonics buck of view. These words will be learnt by rote, which is a memorizing process using repetition where the teacher feels appropriate based on how successful the child is at variation. By understanding these procedures of reading it is possible to rewrite entirely unfamiliar words. From my experience within my Foundation year two class I learnt that it was important to keep the phonics lessons short, with round thirty minute s a day dedicated to this.Some people may count that because it was only a short period of time to cover phonics the lesson will be very restricted with the children having to take in all the information they are being given by the teacher with no participation. While being on attitude I witnessed first hand on the button what happens in the typical Phonics lesson it would start with unfluctuating phonics first where the children would watch a tuneful animation of the alphabet being interpret out with the children engaging and singing along.The lesson past covers what the children had learnt the previous week in a short recap while consequently covering the new letters. This can be done in many ways. The teacher often puts the new letter on the interactive board and plays magic figure which sees the children watch the letter being careworn in the air with her finger and gets the children to copy this and then write this down on there own individual whiteboards which keeps them involved.This way it allows the children to experience an engaging lesson that they will remember, its also important that the teacher recaps on the letters the following day so that the children will keep the letters in there minds much longer. Over my six weeks I saw that the lessons would get gradually harder which follows what The pristine Framework Literacy (DfES,2006a) plan states.The diagraphs such as consonant diagraphs where two consonants join together to produce a single sound the most popular being ch sh and th Vowel diagraphs can also be used such as ai ea and oo etc by using these as well as CVC words it will help with the childrens understanding and knowledge of reading. A structure is very important when teaching Phonics and in Jim rises independent reexamine of the teaching of early reading many people agree with this. The review itself was conducted during 2005 with Jim Rose publishing his discovery early the following year.He talks about how phonics shou ld be taught at the age of 5 historic period from foundation until year 2 and beyond. It should be Systematic carefully planned and progressive which fits well to my observations while on placement. It should also be taught discretely daily at a brisk pace with the main point being that children are learning to decipher and encode print. The key point from this Rose review however is that it is part of a broad, rich curriculum Meaning it should be used in all areas of teaching the children and not something that is separate.An some other scheme would be that of Michael Gove secretarial assistant of state for education who stated A solid foundation in reading is crucial to a childs success as they progress by primary school, into secondary school and then in later life (Michael Gove 2012) He talks about how expected reading levels of ages 7 and 11 are exactly not achieving with the government are looking to raise the standard of reading in the early years of primary school, his v iew is that he wants children to read to learn information rather than reading to learn to read. We are determined to raise literacy standards in our schools, specially of those not achieving the expected level a light-touch phonics-based check will provide reassurance that children in Year 1 have larn this important skill, will enable us to pinpoint those who are struggling at an early age and will give them the help they need before it is similarly late. (Michael Gove 2012) Systematic Synthetic Phonics is an extremely precious program that works effectively within the reading and writing of childrens lives however It should be used alongside other strategies such as analytical I briefly mentioned earlier this is because every child is different and just because something works well for one child doesnt always mean its the same for every child. With other strategies it will help every child no matter what the faculty maybe. By using more than one program, most topics will be cover that suit the child. Phonic knowledge can be taught in many ways (DfES,2006a). Word Count 1490