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Foundation of Western Civilization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Foundation of Western Civilization - Essay ExampleThe earlier Greeks could come up with a question about the nature of the world and look for an answer that was entirely independent on the supernatural powers this set the pace for the then intellectual revolution. They question the origin of the world and by so doing ignited what is now science and also ignited philosophy.The great leadership with morals in the due west had mental institution in the people of antique, in those early days the Hebrews introduced some ideas, their god was very almighty and could destroy whenever he wants however he was open to persuasion and subject to good morals he will however destroy those who stray from the moral standard within the society. This was borrowed to today with leaders ever having to pass the moral test if they have to be elected.The Jewish religion had also impact on the west. Their God was neither superhuman nor like human beings but of high stature in analogy to human beings. Th ey brought in righteousness into western culture, they believed that god is a righteous god and he is beneficial and fair to forgive, if one repents the sins he will be forgiven. The prophets tell people to be righteous so that they can be saved from the punishment from God. This Jews religion and tradition brought morality to the west that is still the room up to today. These believe in Gods power and righteousness is still part of the western culture and heritage. In Jews religion we are the children of God and this brought a different view of mankind as being children of God.The Greeks started mentation and not attributing everything to gods, they start curing diseases and reasoned that they were caused by natural causes and not curses or being from gods. From that foundation research and development in medical fields kicked off. The Greeks became to say that laws are made by human race and not from gods they start to make laws that helped control human beings and keep them w ithin the

One-way analysis of variance Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

One-way analysis of variance - Assignment causaBasically, the basis of one-way ANOVA is to partition the sum of squ ares indoors and mingled with classes. This method enables effective coincidence of different classes simultaneously assuming the selective information is normally distributed. One way ANOVA is typesetd in three critical steps starting with obtaining squares for all classes of entropy. The degree of freedom, which is the total itemize of independent data that is considered to estimate a parameter, is also determined. Estimating degrees of freedom later on becomes effective in analysing null hypothesis. match to null hypothesis, the mean of classes under consideration is taken to be the same meaning that the variation within and among classes is not significantly different if not identical. This paper applies one-way ANOVA to analyze data for three categories of doctors. To analyse the variance, one-way ANOVA helps to establish the mean of individual groups, kno wn as the discussion mean. Further, the grand mean, which is the mean for the entire data, is also computed. A scatter diagram (data on appendix) No. of days in NHS only (x-axis) Perform a one-way analysis of variance, recording all your interim calculations. treatment mean for the three groups is NHS only-11.25, private practice only-25.33 and both NHS and private practice-21.92. Grand mean= (11.25+25.33+21.92)/3 = 19.5 reckon the treatment effects of the three groups. =11.25-19.5=-8.25 =25.33-19.5=5.83 =21.92-19.5=2.42 The researcher should then compute one-way ANOVA to determine whether the differences in effects are significant. To determine the variance, the following formula is used One-way ANOVA, MS total = MS Total/ (J-1) = (SS Within +SS between)/ (N-1) MS within estimates variability within a group, it is also known as SS residue or SS error. N is Degree of independence (D.F) calculated as N-1, where N is the total number of observation within individual group. MS wi thin= SS within/ D.F (N-1) On the other hand, MS between estimates variability between the groups, it is also known as SS explained since it shows variability explained by group membership. J is Degrees of Freedom (D.F) calculated as J-1, where J is the total number of observations in all groups. MS between= SS between/ D.F (J-1) Ti=135, Tii=304, Tiii=263 (i) (?y) 2 =7022 = 13,689 N 36 (ii) ?Y2= 122++272+12....+372= 19,578 (iii) ?Ti2 = 1352+ 3042+ 2632 = 1,518.75 +7,701.33+5,764.08 = 14,984.16 N 12 12 12 SS Within= 19,578-14,984.16 = 4,593.84 SS Between=14,984.16- 13,689 =1,295.16 SS Total= 19,578- 13,689= 5,889 Therefore MS Total= SS Total/ (N-1) =5,889/36 =163.58 MS Between= SS Between/ (J-1) =1,295.16/2= 647.58 MS Within= SS Within/ (N-1) =4,593.84/ (36-3) =139.2 artificial lake SS D.F Mean Square F Treatment SS Between= 1,295.16 J-1=2 SS Between/(J-1) =647.58 = MS Between MS Within = 4.7 Error SS Within= 4,593.84 N-J=33 SS Within/(N-1) =139.2 Total SS Total= 5,889 N-1=35 SS Tot al/(N-1) =168.26 Step1 Ho= ?= ?= ?, that is, treatments are equally effective Step2 An F statistic is appropriate measure, since the dependent variable is continuous and there are more than one group. Step 3 Since ? = 0.05 and D.F= 2, 33, accept Ho if F2, 33 19.4 Step4 The computed value of F-statistic is 4.7 Step 5 Accept H0. The treatments are equally effective. Explain what your results mean in a way that a non-statistician could understand. As mentioned above, one-way ANOVA seeks to compare two or more classes of data in order to determine if

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Corprate risk managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Corprate risk of exposure managment - Essay ExampleRisks can be beneficial if properly managed (Merkhofer, 1987). specify favors the bold those who d be to dream and view as calculated risks. Without risks, there are no rewards. Every finding in an enterprise is based on risks. The decision to manufacture more goods in anticipation of a sales pitch is a risk, so is the decision to stock particular goods. There is no guaranty that there would-be customers or that the speculative effort allow for be rewarded, yet enterprises do take these risks and are rewarded for the same. Risk counseling is an integral part of doing business in any organization. It can be implemented at both the strategic and operational levels of the business. This necessitates the cultivation of a risk culture. There is no universally suffered risk culture or practices this may be because various industries face different risks (Focardi and Jonas, 1998). Even if the organizations are in the same industry each organization faces their own unique risks, which will need a unique way of managing. However, the basic risk culture activities include scenario synopsis stinting capital modeling and risk control self-assessments. Scenario analysis is the determination of the particular context within which the risk occurs economic capital modeling involves making financial projections based on certain risk management decisions while risk control self-assessment involves the monitoring of the risks with the view of establishing whether the decision is still executable. The various types of risks include hap risks, financial risks, operational risks and strategic risks. The paper will examine the decisions that a management can have got when faced with a risk (Bouham, 2008). a) Key Risk Management Decisions Risk management is a cost-benefit analysis strategy (Kropp and Schoffran, 2007). Most of the risks usually externally originate threats. According to the SWOT analysis model, any factors that are internal and positives are the strengths of that organization, if they are internal and negative, then(prenominal) they are the weaknesses of that organization, if the factors are external and positive, they are considered to be opportunities that the organization can explore to its benefit while if they are external and negative, they are the threats to the company, and these are the factors that personify as risks to the organization. The costs of decisions to be made are juxtaposed against the benefits expected and the relevant actions can then be taken (Gabardi and Tichy, 2013). There are generally five key risk management decisions. These decisions work out on their impact and probability of happening. The first management decision may be to totally revoke taking the risks. This means that the organization drops the activity that has the probability of that risk arising it infers total exit, for instance, if it is manufacturing company, then it stops manufacturing and winds up the business. The second decision is risk reduction. This involves making strategic decisions that will reduce the likelihood and or order of magnitude of the risk. The third decision may be to take alternative action by considering other viable options that minimize the risk. The fourth decision is to share the risk by taking insurance cover. Most companies pick out this decision, but it does not work in certain situations. The last decision may be to accept the risk when it occurs and enjoys all its benefits and incur all its

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City bank Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

City bank - Research Paper practiceDespite short letter operations having an immense impact on the global economy, the economy as rise can be said to have impacted on the businesses hence a two mood affair. The global economy is surrounded by political, economic and social forces that must be highlighted in the compact to describe how the Banks business has influenced the economy (Starrett 2009).The free operation environments that have been advanced, environment that jacket crown is freely movable and barriers to trade have also been eliminated hence free flow of finances. As a result of business operations and wellness in coordination, the global scene has realized a extensive growth for businesses to become multinational corporations. Inventions and innovations as a result of idea generations globally have created a lot of new commodities. Moreover, management efficiency of the Bank due to businesses being in a post to attract highly qualified staff from every corner of th e universe and in bulk. Labor apostrophize in the global economy have also since reduced due to the unlimited supply of the comminute itself as well as its mobility has made it easily accessible and readily available for most business ventures and the question which remains is its affordability.International political decisions, otherwise called foreign policies are highly dictated generally by knowledge domain economic power houses. This power is achieved depending on the control that such countries posses in the creative activity business arena, the US where the bank originates commands the bigger share of the world economy. In the past countries have been witnessed to conspire and come together on the basis of their GDP. The so called G8 or G10 of the current is composed by the world economic forces and they influence all the decisions undertaken upon the surface of the earth. Such decisions are normally geared to only favor the bank and their operations (Starrett 2009).In ternational wars and crimes have normally been propagated due to the fight of supremacy

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Show Dont Tell and Leads and Conclusion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Show Dont Tell and Leads and termination - Essay ExampleShowing Slowly, I browsed through the editorial page of the news opus. The freshness of the ink and paper began to permeate my nostrils as I let my eyes wander over the lines that initially caught my attention. I matte a bit of agitation from inside me as I quietly read the sharp descent of the quotes between the Republican and Democratic parties. The Republican reaction appealed more to my logic. They seemed to be created from an impartial reasoning amalgamated with tact and conciseness. In contrast, the Democratic reaction felt as if they were aimed at me personally. That is how offensive they sounded.Original It was era for the annunciation of results. The administrator began announcing the results. Results were being announced in the order of seniority. So my deviate was after the announcement of results for the fifth and the fourth grade. It did not take the administration long to announce the resultof the senior batc hes, and it was the turn of trine grade. Suddenly, I heard my name. The administrator had requested me to come up to the stage. The speaker had a trophy with a green ribbon on it in his hand. I was stunned, and tottered up to the stage in ample amazement. Oh It was really for me. I had the time of my life. The silver shine gleamed in the sunlight and was a reflection of my joy. I had stood third. I had a green trophy in my hand. It was the first trophy of my academic career and exposed the doors for many more to follow.First conclusion It was time for the announcement of results. The results were announced in order of seniority. The third grades turn came after the announcement of results for the fifth and fourth grade. I know I did not stand a chance for my coveted award. I had been sick for the better part of the give instruction year and my grades suffered a lot. I looked at my parents and saw in my moms eyes a look of understanding. She

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Trusts Law And Reasons For Appeal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Trusts Law And Reasons For Appeal - Essay Example2. The facts of the High Court case atomic number 18 as follows Vallee the plaintiff was an adopted child of the departed. She was staying in France, but one day she called on the deceased before his demise in the third quarter of 2003. She promised him that she would return during Christmas, to which he answered that he did not reverberate to live up to the time and that his desire was to hand everyplace his house to her upon his death. The deceased handed over the title deeds to the land on which the house was built and a key to the estate to her. He also gave her a plastic container with his war treasures and a photo album. Four months later, he passed on. The defendant was assured of her fathers demise by the Coroners Office, which regretted that the deceased had not left whatever valid will specifying how the estate would be divided.3. In 2006, the defendant directed lawyers, who contacted the treasury solicitor in writing t o claim the property on the grounds that her father had given it to her by a donatio mortis movement which is a gift whose ownership remains conditional until the death of the donor. The treasury refused her claim and proceeded with an advertisement for each potential claimants.The defendant, a clinician who was running a business organization named Celtic Research Limited, effected through his heir hunting that the deceased had a surviving male sibling, Mr. Mykola Bogusz. He acquired a major power of attorney from the surviving Bogusz and made applications for, and was given documents for administering the property on October 8, 2009, for (his) use and benefit. The treasury solicitor permitted Mykola Boguszs claim and placed a caveat on the property against further claims. Ms. Vallee filed proceedings in philander seeking to claim the property by a donatio mortis causa.4. The case came before the Oxford County Court on twenty-sixth October 2012 and was presided over by Justice Harris.

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History of Nail Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

History of Nail Care - Essay ExampleIn ancient Egypt, the distort of the turn backs of an individual determined his/her status and class it was an emblem of importance. While individuals of lower rank were only permitted to expose pale cloaks on their nails queens and kings wore deep vehement (Trapp, 13 and David, para1&2). During the reign of promote Nefertiti, red nail colors symbolized the status of royals. Furthermore, the famous queen Cleopatra who ruled Egypt always particoloured her nails with a rusty red color, which was only set aside for the queen (HubPages Inc., para2).Similarly, in ancient China, fingernails played an historic role in identifying the nobles. Individuals who held high status wore long nails as a symbol of their status, and their nail color revealed their social class. Silver and gold colors were an emblem of highest power and rank, while red and black correspond boldness and strength. The common people, on the other hand, used pale tones, and the y symbolized weakness. The Chinese came up with a nail polish made from gum Arabic, beeswax, gelatin, and egg whites around 3,000 B.C. In Chou Dynasty, Chinese individuals of highest status and ranks painted their nails with silver and gold polish in 600 B.C. During the 15th Century, Chinese Ming Dynastys leaders painted their nails red and black. Before the battle in Babylon, early Rome and Egypt, military commanders spent hours curling and lacquering their hair and create their nails and their lips with the same color (HubPages Inc., para3 and Trapp, 13).Nail care started being a part of glamour and fashion in the 19th century. With the technological and social advancements, new nail care tools started surfacing in Europe. A pick doctor by the name Sitts devised a wooden manicure apparatus in the year 1830. preliminary to his invention, people used acid, scissors, metal rod, among others for manicure. During this period, slightly pointed nail styles or almond-shaped nails were common. The